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When it comes to protecting your family, nothing should be left to chance.
And with the crime rate rising nationwide, it's more important than ever to put up your best guard.
You need a system that's built to last with advanced technology that will meet your needs for years to come.
Our team of security professionals will customize an easy-to-use system just for you.

W.C.D. ALARMS offers many products for your home in addtition to security system installations.
Video Intercom systems from front door or driveway gate to your house interior allows you to see and talk to who is at your gate or door.
Many houses under construction are now installing a "telephone system" instead of an intercom. A telephone system allows additional phone lines to be installed and acts as an intercom system throughout the house.
Structured Cabling in homes under construction  allows endless configuration of cable tv, satellite tv, computer networking and phones.
A "Central Vacuum System" through out your house allows ALL vacuumed dirt and dust to be removed from the house
In Homes with a fire sprinkler system, monitoring the water flow of your fire sprinkler system allows us to inform the fire department when water flows into your house .

Our Deluxe FULL ENGLISH Keypad allows us to  custom name each zone individually ... such as  "Brent's Bedroom "   or "Kitchen Door"  ... no more guessing what zone is open.  Just look at the keypad.  We can even customize the keypad with your family name...such as "The Brammer Residence" 

Check back for a picture of our newest addition  -- A full English Keypad with a door that covers keys for a cleaner look and has a bright blue backlit LCD display!


Our SEMI-ENGLISH keypad uses pre installed words  .. Zones are read out on the keypad as "Zone 1,  Zone 2, etc. A handy pull up index describes each zone.  The word "READY" is displayed when the system is ready to arm.


With a Wireless (remote) KEYFOB you can arm and disarm your security system from outside or inside your house .. A single "churp"
confirms your system is armed,  double "churp" confirms disarm. Each KEYFOB also has a wireless PANIC BUTTON, which is activated by pressing the remaining two (2) buttons together.

Our system is one that adjusts to your changing lifestyle, with built-in flexibility that keeps you in control, day by day and season to season. To keep children from harms way, have the pool entrance doors monitored so a gentle beep at the keypad(s) will alert you if the door(s) are opened. With the optional telephone module, call up your house phone number and you can communicate with your security control panel!! Checking to see if windows or doors are open & arming and disarming your system. THE FLEXIBILITY OF TODAYS SECURITY SYSTEMS ARE ENDLESS

Our Standard LED Keypad
Easy to read Zones are displayed.